5 reasons why Paint your Own Pottery Camps & Classes are Ideal for Kids This Summer

Posted on May 18 2017


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As the final day of the 2016/17 school year approaches, kids and parents typically find themselves at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Kids are excited and eager for summer break to start, while parents wonder and worry how they’re going to keep their kids busy – but without exceeding their budget. Fortunately, the Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA) has an educational, entertaining and economical solution to this old dilemma: enroll kids in a camp or class at a local CCSA-member Paint Your Own Pottery studio.

CCSA-member PYOP studios, which are located across the U.S., Canada, the UK and around the world, provide people of all ages – especially hard-to-engage and even harder-to-impress kids -- with a variety of DIY craft activities, such as painting, glass fusing, creating with clay, canvas painting, mosaics, and more.

According to the CCSA, these are the five biggest reasons why PYOP studio camps and classes are the ideal summer break activity for kids and parents alike:

1. PYOP is a hands-on experience. Kids don’t get bored listening to art theory, reading textbooks or watching presentations. Within minutes of day one, they’re already rolling up their sleeves, creating something unique, having fun, and making new friends.

2. PYOP is ideal for all kids: from those who are extroverted and outgoing, to those who are introverted and reserved. No artistic experience or talent is required, all supplies are included, and each session is led by an experienced and caring facilitator who ensures that all kids are involved and included.

3. PYOP is a fun and affordable stay-vacation that lets kids sleep in their own beds (which is what many of them want), while they spend their days getting their “art out” and exploring how color meets creativity on a pottery canvas.

4. PYOP is an indoor activity, which is an important consideration for parents who are concerned about environmental risk factors such as allergens, pollutants, UV-ray exposure, and so on. There’s also no risk that rain will force rescheduling, which is something that parents often find inconvenient and costly with outdoor activities.

5. PYOP is educational, and kids aren’t “busy for the sake of being busy.” While they’re having fun, kids learn fundamental art techniques that foster creativity, conceptualizing, critical thinking, and other skills that help them in school, at home, and in life.

Commented CCSA executive director Dena Pearlman: “In addition to these reasons, a PYOP studio is the perfect place for family bonding this summer. Instead of collectively staring at a TV screen or racing through dinner, families and extended families can come together, create special memories, and craft treasured keepsakes.”

A full list of CCSA-member PYOP studios is available at http://www.paintyourownpottery.com. For all other details, including media inquiries, contact Dena Pearlman at (888) 291-2272 or dena(at)ccsaonline.com.

Facebook users can also follow the CCSA at https://www.facebook.com/ccsapaintyourownpottery, or connect with PYOP fans across the world at https://www.facebook.com/Paint-Your-Own-Pottery-206166622756971/.

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Posted on May 28 2016


Quality Family Time is really important which is why, as of this Memorial Day Weekend, we're starting a NEW PROMOTION....


Every Sunday, all through Summer and beyond, if you have 4 painters or more in your group AND you're all on the same ticket (bill), we'll give you 20% OFF your bill! That's a great saving, giving you the perfect opportunity to SPEND LESS whilst GETTING MORE quality time with your folks.

It's all about having fun with friends & family here at Earth & Fire... not to mention painting some cool pottery too!

*20% Off applies to groups of 4 painters or more on a single bill. Sale Items and Accessories are excluded from the Family Sunday discount.

Sidewalk Sale this Saturday!

Posted on May 12 2016


Hi everyone, we're really pleased to be taking part in Crayton Coves Sidewalk Sale this Saturday, May 14th, from 11am - 3pm.

Come on down to see lots of hand painted gifts - jewelry, trinket boxes and homewares - all created by Earth & Fire's Artists, Clare & Sophia.

We'll be joined by all the shops and galleries of Crayton Cove so it's going to be a fun day with lots for you to browse around.

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